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The Professionals of Waskitasena work daily, enabling decision-making through agile, and integrated solutions.

Information-led Advisory

As a specialist business information consultancy, we have significant experience in delivering focused and in-depth investigative projects providing domestic coverage on political risk and specific reputational due diligence. We act for a range of major clients which include multinational corporations, and banks. The information Waskitasena provides informs our clients’ business decisions and mitigates risk.
Our work is informed by privileged insights from an internal network of well-placed, reliable and confidential sources. Our team of due diligence experts provide clients with the insight they need in sectors ranging from mining and construction to financial services and education. We have deep experience of operating effectively and with discretion in the most challenging jurisdictions, while maintaining client confidentiality.
Waskitasena Advisory’s information model allows us to manage a flexible network of sources aligned to precise project requirements. Our team includes former diplomats, government officials, bankers, journalists and global geopolitical risk specialists, who are experienced in discreet, information-led investigations.

Market Entry Consulting

We advise clients on strategies as they look to enter new markets or deepen their presence in existing locations. We provide market research, political and reputational risk assessment, personality profiling, influence mapping, and identification of legal and regulatory obstacles.

Risk Analysis

Our clients access Waskitasena Advisory’s continuous risk analysis in ways that best suit their needs, including: :

  • High-level country and region reporting through our strategic risk model, covering political, security, criminal and governance risk factors.
  • In-depth analysis of complex but compellingly attractive markets in Indonesia
  • Strategic risk alerts sent to clients in response to material risk events

Strategic Risk Assessment

Waskitasena advisory’s risk analysis assists in understanding and minimizing risk. At the core of our analysis is the Waskitasena strategic risk assessment methodology. SRA is a risk profiling service that quantifies risk levels for a wide range of indicators, and risk factors relevant to our clients. SRA is the tool with which we capture inbound data and information, which helps clients understand the implications of strategic trends for their operations. SRA is regularly updated by our analysts based in Jakarta and in locations around Indonesia, with regular input from Waskitasena’s senior sources on the ground.
The SRA can be customized specifically for client needs, providing forward-looking information, analysis and risk benchmarking. We can provide you with trial access in order to demonstrate our approach and breadth of coverage.

Situation Reports

The reports analyze the strategic and tactical risks for companies considering entering or already operating in Indonesia The reports include a strategic outlook, national summary, and political and commercial analysis. They are created by our expert team of advisers in our Jakarta head office, with information supplemented by our nationwide sources on the ground.

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