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Strategic Threat Analysis

The Waskitasena core business is the strategic threat analysis (STA). The team maintains a close watch on operational and domestic issues and any events both tactical and strategic in Indonesia that might impact upon the operating environment for commercial and other organizations.

Our team of analysts benefit from considerable institutional knowledge, complemented by Wasiktasena is extensive experience. This supports timely and holistic assessments of terrorist and other pertinent issues across the country.

The STA offers the following products:

  • A Weekly Report then builds upon the Daily Brief, adding greater value with added analysis and commentary.
  • The Monthly Report provides a synopsis of significant trends affecting the operating environment in-country, with additional examination of pertinent political, economic and regional issues.
  • Rapid Analysis Reports compliment the above three products, and are released as a prompt synopsis of any significant events that could have an immediate effect on the operating environment.
  • Thematic assessments are also produced in advance of socio-economic, political or religious events that might affect the threat picture.
  • The STA offers a bespoke request for information service, producing reports tailored to the client¡¦s individual requirements.
  • Finally, we also produce spot reports on emerging situations and to warn of imminent threats which affect the operating environment in Indonesia.

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