Who We Are?

We are a Consulting Company with core business providing advisory in the area of security in Indonesia.


What We Can Do For You?

During Normal condition

  • Perform Security Assessment on your property/branches: we assess the location from security point of view and give input/suggestion whether security is already adequate or to increase the security level in order to safeguard the property and the people who works there.
  • Perform Community Relations- on behalf of your company – to security apparatus in every level in order to ensure an open back channel that supports the objective of your company in security sense, should some contingency happens.
  • Perform assessment on security outsource personnel and present evaluation for any underperformance found on respective security personnel provider.
  • Perform Social Mapping for your existing business or in case opening new business site and/or business opportunity (characteristic of the people, local custom, local leader(s) identification both formal and informal, etc).
  • Provide protective security details for VVIPs. The service began from the moment VVIPs land at the airport until such time these person(s) aboard departure plane leaving Indonesia.
  • Provide Security System Hardware, such as access control, perimeter detection system, surveillance system, etc.
  • Provide periodic media monitoring paper and determine what kind of sentiments afloat on the media towards your company. This info can be used to formulate action plan should a negative sentiment occur.
  • Provide insights and an up to date information on security related area such as:
    • Daily Occurrence (i.e. protests/demonstration for the current day and protests/demonstration prediction for the next day including its respective level of threat)
    • Strategic Events (i.e. issues related to election local and national – Presidential Election- whether the dynamics of this event require extra effort of anticipation and should it determined so what are the anticipation to those

During Emergency condition

  • If such event does occur, as part of our service we would give prior warning to your company and advice what kind of steps can be taken and suggest best course of action.
  • Should an emergency situation occur (i.e. Social unrest circa May 1998), we also able to provide airline exfiltration for your company’s VVIPs from Jakarta to nearest overseas destination.