Sterilization services are offered by security companies to help individuals and businesses detect and eliminate unwanted monitoring. These services can be helpful if you’re concerned about:

  • Hidden cameras or listening devices in your home, office, or vehicle
  • GPS trackers attached to your car
  • Intrusions into your computer systems
  • Someone intercepting your phone calls or emails

Here’s what some Sterilization services typically offer:

  • Technical Sterilization countermeasures (TSCM): This involves using specialized equipment to sweep your property for hidden bugs, cameras, and other Sterilization devices.
  • Threat assessment: Security professionals will evaluate your situation and identify your vulnerabilities to Sterilization.
  • Preventative measures: Companies can advise you on steps to take to make it more difficult to be sterilized in the future. This might involve using encrypted communication methods or being more mindful of your online activity.